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Whether you already live in the state or are considering a move, being able to retire in Delaware can open your life to a number of wonderful communities and opportunities.  While the state has a reputation as being rather calm and low-key, there is also a spectrum of different 55+ communities in DE that are centered around active lifestyles and exciting amenities.

Opting to retire in Delaware means you’ll be living in a place that enjoys all four distinct seasons, mid-sized towns and cities, and easy access to the water.   With a population that is just shy of 1 million people, it is large enough to make sure you’ll always have everything you’d want from a large urban area, while small enough to avoid many of the drawbacks of densely populated cities.

The climate in Delaware falls somewhere between a humid-continental and humid-sub tropical experience, as it is influenced by both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.  While there is precipitation, on a regular basis, the winters are actually quite mild; especially near the coast.

Although a certified retirement program doesn’t exist in the state, there are so many things to offer people who have decided to retire in Delaware, that it has become a natural place for these neighborhoods, regardless.  The affordable cost of living, property, and taxes, as well as easy access to many attractions and amenities make it the perfect spot for many people to settle down upon their retirement, while still remaining very active.

Among the top 55+ communities in DE, are those from McKee Builders, such as:

Each of these communities has been created for active retirees who want a vibrant, energy-efficient and safe way of life, in quality homes with beautiful designs.  They provide easy access to beaches, boating, fishing, golf, as well as clubhouses with pools and fitness centers.  Nearby, there are walking trails, and there are always trips and other activities in the works.  All this, within a stone’s throw of tax-free shopping at malls, boutiques and even specialty shops.  It is no wonder so many people are deciding to retire in Delaware.

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